If you’re in the market for an aircraft, JMA can help you choose a suitable plane to meet your specific ownership needs.

We work alongside you to cover the entire vertical of acquisition services:

  • Client mission analysis, purchase budget, and Part 91/135 operational comparison
  • New and Pre-owned price and performance analysis and Reporting
  • Aircraft identification, information compilation and analysis
  • Escrow Package, Offer, LOI, and P&S Consulting
  • Pre-Purchase inspection management
  • Aircraft finance and corporate structure consulting
  • Aircraft closing and delivery logistics
  • Post-transaction operational planning and third-party management selection

Most Aircraft Transactions involve multiple parties with disparate interests, but rarely carry with them a deal principal. JMA specializes in quarterbacking every transaction, to ensure that documentation isn’t late or missing, and deals stay on schedule. A “Time of essence” clause is customary in aircraft transactions, essentially compelling the need for a deal principal.

References Available Upon Request