Corporate Aviation Expert Witness and Litigation Support 

In all cases, JMA compiles and analyzes data and provides clients and their counsel with reports, highlighting information on disputed areas of litigation (ie: flight time, payroll, charter revenue and maintenance discrepancies, and aircraft transaction standards).

To best avoid litigation, JMA assists clients and their counsel to negotiate clear, concise aircraft purchase agreements and leases, management and operating agreements with aircraft management companies, and maintenance service agreements, which delineate the parties’ operational and financial duties. JMA’s experience helps you anticipate the hazards befallen others, and protect against such situations.

When corporate aviation legal proceedings end up in court, JMA provides Aviation Expert Witness Services on issues relating to:

  • Part 91 and 135 industry overview, trends, revenue disputes and general litigation
  • Maintenance costing discrepancies
  • Aircraft Transaction contretemps
  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Escrow matters
  • Aircraft theft and fraud

Your case benefits from our extensive experience, interfacing with aviation and transactional attorneys. We work to provide the court with insurmountable evidence in support of your case.