Notice to Client:  Management Associates, LLC (JMA) does not have an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate, nor do we own or operate aircraft as air taxi’s.  Instead, JMA acts as an agent for clients wishing to purchase private jet charters from FAA Part 135 Air Carriers.



At JMAJC Aviation, your safety is our primary objective. As your agents, we don’t own or operate aircraft. Rather, we engage only the best operators in the aircraft charter business, who have a proven safety record.

Safety Regulation

The FAA regulates charter operators under its FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) Part 135, which establishes safety, maintenance, and operational standards for fixed wing aircraft operators.

Evaluating Your Safety

As your representatives, we ensure that your trip is conducted by an operator approved by one or more of the industry’s most respected auditing or rating agencies. Such firms monitor aircraft maintenance records and crew performance. Moreover, certificates acknowledging you as additionally insured can be authorized for your flight.

Commitment to Safety

Our unwavering commitment to your safety is evident in our insistence on operators meeting the most stringent of some of the following guidelines:

Runway Length Regulations

Weather Restrictions

Rest and Duty Requirements:
Pilots are limited to 14 hours duty time of which only 10 hours may be flight time.

Crew Training:
All pilots must meet a minimum number of flight hours experience prior to hiring. All pilots receive annual flight simulator training and must pass an FAA flight exam following their training event. Additionally, pilots must have annual physicals and retain a first class medical license.


Safety matters above all. We’re working for your safety, so that you can fully enjoy your flight.

If you have any questions about operator safety, please contact us at 800.963.6695 or .