Notice to Client:  Management Associates, LLC (JMA) does not have an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate, nor do we own or operate aircraft as air taxi’s.  Instead, JMA acts as an agent for clients wishing to purchase private jet charters from FAA Part 135 Air Carriers.

Choose Your Aircraft

Light Jets (5-8 Passengers)

Light jets are the most economical choice for short to mid-range trips (i.e. Miami to New York). Light jets travel faster than turbo props, yet they can operate in/out of airports which are typically inaccessible by commercial airlines. Some light jets offer a lavatory for your comfort. Light jets typically have limited baggage capacity.

Mid-Size Jets (5-9 Passengers)

Mid-size Jets are versatile aircraft which have bigger cabins, often times better performance, and economy of use for all types of flights. Mid-size jets require a fuel stop for coast-to-coast flights, but your party will travel in comfort during the flight. Additionally, mid-size jets can also operate in and out of airports not accessible by the major airlines. Baggage capacity is increased on mid-size aircraft due to external baggage holds. Most midsize jets offer a hard door lavatory for your privacy.

Heavy Jets (9-16 Passengers)

Heavy jets offer the same performance as light/mid-size aircraft, with additional size and amenities for your comfort during long-range flights. They can also operate in airports not accessible to major airlines, and provide a flight attendant to assist with special catering requests and other needs. These jets typically include a private lavatory, in-flight entertainment system, flight-phone, external baggage, stereo DVD, satellite phone, fax, and a full galley.

Turbo-Prop Aircraft (4-9 Passengers)

Turbo props are more cost-effective to operate than jet aircraft. Turbo props use turbine propeller engines which power the aircraft at over 250kts, with a range of approximately 1,000 miles. Turbo props don’t require long runways to operate, but they offer limited baggage capacity.

Jet Airliners (20-300 Passengers)

Jet airliners are available to transport all size groups medium to long distances. Airliners can be offered in every type of configuration, which may include state rooms, full bathrooms, board-style meeting rooms and multiple berths. Please note: far fewer airliners exist for charter, so it may be necessary to book your scheduled itinerary well in advance of departure.

Some Considerations

  • How many people are traveling in your party?
  • How much baggage are you planning to travel with?
  • Do any of the passengers have mobility issues?
  • Are you traveling with pets?
  • Smoking or Non-smoking?
  • Do you have a specific budget in mind?
  • Do you wish to travel by turbo prop plane or by jet?

If you have any questions about aircraft make, model, type, or capabilities, please contact us at 800.963.6695 or .