The JMA Management Model:  Singular Point of Contact Representation

JMA provides customized aircraft management services to clients who require personalized, singular point of contact representation. Our clients choose our brand of personalized service because they care about one of two things:

  1. they want to be actively involved in their aircraft operation and require information in real-time or;
  2. they want to leave their operation in professional, transparent hands, and know their interests are protected.

JMA’s boutique management isn’t for all owners—just owners that insist on having a clear picture of all aspects of their aviation operation, just an email, text, or phone call away.

Our Management Services Include:

  • Crew Staffing and Training
  • Insurance Sourcing
  • Complete Owner travel logistics coordination, including all ground, hotel, meeting, and personal travel coordination
  • Complete Owner’s Proxy Financial Management, including accounting and tax work with your financial staff
  • Maintenance Coordination/Service/Oversight
  • FAA/Department of Revenue/IRS Compliance work with your professional staff

Want To Charter Your Aircraft?:
Our Corporate DNA is built from aircraft charter. We began as on-demand charter brokers, transitioned into aircraft management and then built a charter fleet with our owner part 135 certificate. If you choose to charter your aircraft, we negotiate the best possible charter deal for you—using our past experience drafting, negotiating, and executing charter agreements with certificate holders. We then represent your interests and oversee all aspects of your charter arrangement, including quotation approval, trip logistical management, and most importantly—receipt of charter payments. Let us show you how. For more information, email us at or inquire at 305.790.1440.