Aircraft Improvements

lear jet interiorYour aircraft is a reflection of you. Aircraft improvements cover everything from interior soft and hard-goods, electronics and avionics, to exterior paint and striping. There is a tremendous disparity between price, availability, and the general level quality and service provided by individual vendors.

JMA manages the aircraft improvement process by handling:

  • Identify client wishes, budget, and time-frame
  • Identify vendors who offer specific services and identify and analyze their equipment, and levels of materials
  • Identify at least three vendors for an apples-to-apples comparison of services (including like-materials)
  • Discuss the work scope with the client, highlighting materials and human capital lead times, prospective gating issues, and expected delivery costs and overages
  • Oversee the project and provide client material updates
  • Ensure punch list items are complete upon delivery or easily remedied at home base

Sample Projects Include:

  • Full Gulfstream, Lear, and Hawker interior hard and soft goods work (everything from all plating, re-worked wood, replacement carpeting and runners, and galley changes, to full lavatory re-do’s)
  • Wi-Fi, interior lighting, and monitor and electronics installations
  • Exterior Paint for Learjets, Citations, Hawker’s, Falcons, and Gulfstreams