MIAMI, Feb. 19, 2013 – Jet Management Associates (JMA), a corporate aviation acquisitions and consulting firm, today announced that it has completed the Change of Operator Procedure for an Aruban-Registered Hawker Beechcraft aircraft.

The Aruban Civil Aviation Authority, the world’s first privately managed FAA Category 1 aircraft registry, prides itself on maintaining the highest independent, impartial standards for safety oversight. Managed by Miami-based Aircraft Registry Group, The Registry combines effective oversight with effective support for airworthiness, aviation safety, regulatory consulting and aircraft registration and inspection services. JMA represented the Hawker owner and produced all required owner and operator documentation necessary to complete the change of operator.

“We are honored to have worked hand-in-hand with the professional, courteous staff at the Registry of Aruba/Aviation Registry Group in Miami and Oranjestad, Aruba,” said Matthew Winer, director at JMA. “The change of operator process, while detailed, is supported around the clock by the dedicated, devoted staff at the Registry of Aruba. JMA, together with the Registry, completed the process in time for the principals to take delivery of their aircraft before year-end.”

JMA has worked with several other clients to recommend alternative flags of registry, ranging from Isle of Man, Cayman Islands and Bermuda, to also looking into the Aircraft Registry Group’s newest client, Microstate, San Marino.

About JMA
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