MIAMI, March 7, 2013 – Jet Management Associates (JMA), a corporate aviation acquisitions and consulting firm, today announced that it has completed the purchase of a Flight Options Jet card for a commercial client.

Flight Options, the second largest fractional jet company in the U.S., operates a fleet of more than 200 Hawker, Nextant, Embraer, and Citation aircraft. The company offers jet cards, club memberships, and fractional ownership services to clients across the U.S.

JMA was retained by a corporate client to do an analysis of the best private travel options, from on-demand charter to full asset ownership. JMA recommended card ownership as the perfect fit for the client. After the client decided to purchase a card, JMA negotiated with a number of jet card vendors, selecting Flight Options.

“We chose Flight Options because they offer clients the best combination of safety, service, price, and travel flexibility. The sales staff are professional, punctual, efficient, and flexible to work with.” said Matthew Winer, director at JMA. “This is our first transaction with Flight Options and we couldn’t be happier with purchase process. Flight Options’ program pricing is direct, their sales staff is forthright, and their service is on demand.”

JMA provides clients with transportation analyses which identify their travel profiles, then takes that information and recommends courses of action, which take into account financial and mission needs.

About JMA
Founded in early 2011, Jet Management Associates, LLC (JMA), is a Miami-based aircraft acquisitions and consulting firm. JMA concentrates its suite of services on client representation as it relates to aircraft acquisitions, owner’s representation, aircraft operations accounting, aircraft improvements, and litigation and expert witness representation. It represents owners in their relationships with aircraft management and charter companies, and inspires its clients to demand transparency in their aviation dealings. JMA continues to expand its portfolio of clients as a result of more than a decade of providing hands on, on-demand boutique service, delivered around the clock, around the world. For more information, visit