MIAMI, July 31, 2013 – Jet Management Associates (JMA), a corporate aviation acquisitions and consulting firm, today announced that it is now offering aviation operations accounting services developed around a proprietary accounting reporting product. The product is designed to more efficiently report on aircraft operations and provide owners with actionable intelligence to help make better operational and financial decisions.

JMA’s accounting product reports metrics that provide owners with a window into the actual operating costs of their aircraft. The firm expends significant effort to educate its clients about the importance of analyzing aircraft expenses on an aggregate basis versus a Direct Operating Cost (DOC) basis.

“All owners have different operational profiles—an owner that doesn’t fly often, doesn’t get the advantage of owning an aircraft with low DOC’s because his sunk costs, for example, pilots, hangar, insurance, etc., are a more significant portion of his entire aviation budget,” said Matthew Winer, director at JMA. “Our proprietary accounting reports are transparent historical descriptions of where owners have spent their money, the performance of their aircraft, and the effect fuel, maintenance, and travel have on their overall operating budgets.” JMA’s reporting comes standard with all of the expected financial statements and back-up information, as well as a host of customized reports relating to both operational and tax issues.

About JMA
Founded in early 2011, Jet Management Associates, LLC (JMA), is a Miami-based aircraft acquisitions and consulting firm. JMA concentrates its suite of services on client representation as it relates to aircraft acquisitions, owner’s representation, aircraft operations accounting, aircraft improvements, and litigation and expert witness representation. The firm represents owners in their relationships with aircraft management and charter companies, and inspires its clients to demand transparency in their aviation dealings. JMA continues to expand its portfolio of clients as a result of more than a decade of providing hands on, on-demand boutique service, delivered around the clock, around the world. For more information, visit or email .