MIAMI, August 4, 2013 – Jet Management Associates (JMA) today announced that it will handle the complete management of a Citation 560 paint upgrade and other related aesthetic work. The aircraft will go through a full chemical strip, corrosion removal, conversion coat, prime and base paint. Additionally, brightwork will be fully polished, placards and a new radome boot will be installed, windows will be pro-sealed, and the landing gear will be touched up. “Jet Management Associates represents clients’ interests as they relate to all areas of operation, maintenance, accounting, and completions.” said Matthew Winer, director at JMA. “The Citation 560 paint project fits well within our service profile, as we have extensive experience in handling major paint work on all sizes of corporate aircraft.”

JMA has two decades of experience in corporate aircraft acquisitions, management and charter, and corporate aircraft consulting and oversight. JMA educates its clients to demand transparency in their aviation dealings and continues to expand its portfolio of clients as a result of providing hands on, on-demand boutique service, delivered around the clock, around the world. For more information, visit us at or inquire at 800.963.6695.