MIAMI, May 2nd, 2014 – Jet Management Associates (JMA) announced that it has completed an operational accounting audit of a Part 91/135 operated Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft. The operator, Canada’s largest management and charter company, was the subject of the audit because the aircraft owner felt his operating costs were unusually higher than expected.

JMA performed a historical operational cost analysis of the last 18-months and found insurance, per diems and fuel expenses were far in excess of industry standards, and surprisingly high because larger companies typically take advantage of better fuel and insurance pricing.

JMA assists clients to more efficiently and effectively take control of the “how-to’s” of business aviation financial tracking. JMA helps aircraft owners translate in-the-field trip expenses and charter trip expenses into the production and publication of easy-to-comprehend financial statements. Clients that have accurate, actionable operations and financial data, have the best chance of making the right operational and financial decisions for their businesses.